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  1. Thinking of visiting Utah? - The very best of Utah, complete with itinerary
  2. Enjoy the "greatest snow on earth" - A key to all the greatest skiing in Utah
  3. Historic Utah - A guide to the many historic Utah sites
  4. Magnificent National Parks - Utah is well known for it's amazing national parks. Read this for more information.

To assist you in making the most of your time while visiting our beautiful state, we've compiled four travel itineraries that suggest a variety of things to do and see in Utah.

If this is your first visit to Utah, you may be surprised to learn just how diverse our state is. Numerous unique national parks, monuments and recreation sites will tempt outdoor enthusiasts from all walks of life. Skiers will find their home away from home on our slopes containing the "greatest snow on earth." Historical sites ranging from sacred Native American ruins to LDS Church temples and sites of importance to areas containing remnants of dinosaurs can be found throughout the state. In addition, four-star restaurants, award-winning museums, great stores and more are located in each community. Your options truly are endless!

We hope you'll find the itineraries helpful when you start planning to explore our magnificent state. We look forward to seeing you soon!


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