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2013 Mormon Miracle Pageant, Manti, UT

May 30th, 2013 by BBIU

Manti Temple -  - site of hte Mormon Miracle PageantThe 2013 edition of The Mormon Miracle Pageant will be held June 20-22, and 25-29 in Manti, UT
The Mormon Miracle Pageant is an annual production retelling the story of Joseph Smith and his followers. Joseph Smith is considered by the members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS or Mormons) to be a prophet of God. The story tells how Joseph translated the Book of Mormon, a record of ancient inhabitants of the Americas which was inscribed on gold plates, and follows the struggles of Joseph Smith and his followers through persecution and their travels west to settle in the Sanpete Valley of the Utah territory. The pageant was first produced in 1967 as a local effort, based on a 1950 book The Mormon Miracle. Today, a cast of over 500 reenacts events important to the story. The Pageant is held “under the stars”, and is free. The presentation takes place at the foot of the Historic Manti Temple, with 14,000 chairs provided. Contact toll free 866-961-9040, 435-835-3000 or email¬†Pageant¬†committee.
Manti is located on Historic Highway #89 in Central Utah, in the beautiful Sanpete Valley. When visiting the Pageant, include an activity or two to make it a complete getaway. There are more than 1000 miles of forest trails in the central Utah area designated for ATV and OHV use. The area is famous for the 350 mile long Arapeen ORV Trail. Fairview Canyon in Sanpete County, UT  sanpete.comOr visit the Palisades State Park for golf or any for the numerous “fishin’ holes” available in nearby canyons.
For lodging when attending the Pageant, or any of the other Sanpete County recreational activities or events, contact the Historic Manti House Inn, which is across Main Street from the Temple, or The Yardley Inn & Spa, just a few block from the Pageant site. Or just north of Manti is the Scott Farm B & B in Spring City. Manti area Bed and Breakfast Inns of Utah member Innkeepers are a wealth of knowledge of what to see and what to do. They may even share information on their own favorite hidden spots – the locals’ knowledge that makes any stay better.

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