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Utah Scenery – a Glimpse

March 2nd, 2013 by BBIU

Canyonlands Maze District taken as seen from the Wall Campsite

When seeking tranquility and backcountry solitude, a visitor to Utah will not be disappointed with a trip into Canyonlands National Park. The Park is divided into three sections by the rivers, which are features in themselves. The Sky, Needles, and Maze Districts are each primitive desert lands, but each have different opportunities for adventure. This image is taken from the Wall Campground in the Maze District and may be reached by back-country vehicle .


Landscape Arch in Arches National Park, Moab, UTLandscape Arch, at 290 feet long, is known as the longest natural arch in the world. It is located in the Devils’ Garden area of Arches National Park, just 5 miles north of Moab. The trailhead for Landscape Arch is about 16 miles from the park entry. From the parking lot, it is a one-mile hike to the arch.

The thinnest section of Landscape Arch is just 6 feet thick. Since 1991, three slabs of sandstone measuring 30, 47, and 70 feet long have fallen from the thinnest section the arch, closing the trail that had run under the span. Of any of the several thousand arches within and near the park, Landscape Arch is one not to miss. For who knows? it may not be gone today, next week, next year, or it may stand for hundreds more years.

PIctures are provided by Jim Traeber and The Cali Cochitta Bed & Breakfast in Moab, a Member Inn of The Bed and Breakfast Inns of Utah.

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