Utah’s “Road to Mighty”

April 7th, 2016 by BBIU

In the last several years, Utah has promoted visitation to the FIVE National Parks that reside with in the bounds of the state. The campaign is known as “The Mighty Five”®.  2016 brings the “Road To Mighty“, a new focus on Utah’s magnificent and majestic landscapes with a variety of pre-planned “road trips”. Included are those that are near The Mighty 5®, “along the way”, or of additional interest. Visit some of Utahs 49 State Parks, various national monuments, Scenic Byways, and forests.Utah Life Elevated  The Road To Mighty is a collection of itineraries designed to expand a visitor’s experience in the vast reaches of Southern Utah. Select from “Iconic classics”, “Family Frontier” adventures, Dino and Goblins encounters, Native Spirit and Hidden Secrets adventures, river rafting and mountain biking famous Moab trails. Searching for solitude? There are even trips that allow a visitor to “escape” it all.
In addition, seven “must-do” road trips have been assembled that take a visitor along some of Utah most scenic byways, to little known State Parks, and to lesser known landscapes.
All along the way, a visitor will find a member Inn of the Bed and Breakfast Inns of Utah (BBIU). Innkeepers always seem willing to share their own favorite secret spaces and places.

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